the grasstronauts

introducing: The Grasstronauts (in glorious colour)

The Grasstronauts

The Grasstronauts formed just outside the gates of NASA Space Camp in Huntsville, AL when guitarist Lee Syrjanen and banjoist Andrew Spear were forcibly ejected from the program when they were discovered distilling corn liquor in a replica of the Apollo Command Module.

The pair resolved to start their own space program and quickly drew up plans for a bluegrass powered rocket to the stars. Heeding the call for “more power!” was intergalactic freedom fighter Jason Leather on the upright bass and Greg Morland, the dashing pilot and scientist, on mandolin.

Since the fall of 2011 the Grasstronauts have been picking their way around Chicago, performing their unique blend of high powered original contemporary bluegrass, Americana and rock interspersed with traditional bluegrass and pop covers.

the grasstronauts

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